69 Year Old Walnut Resident Takes Part in 10th Annual US Bank OC Marathon

Infamous Starting Line of the 10th Annual US Bank OC Marathon
Infamous Starting Line of the 10th Annual US Bank OC Marathon
In September 2011, Olin Lamb, winner of the 2011 OC Marathon 5K W 65-69, had a massive stroke caused by AVMs bursting in her brain. She had huge brain swelling and had 3 brain surgeries in 4 days. This would have killed most people according to her doctor. After her 3 brain surgeries and big brain pressure remaining, she had a 2x4 piece of skull removed & had to wear a custom helmet for 7 months.

Olin has lost movement on right leg & arm. She was unable to stand or walk, but was determined to get back to normal.  She worked herself to tears in physical therapy for a month in San Diego and returned home in mid-November 2011. A month later in December she did her 1st post surgery 5K , helmet & all. She ran the OC Fair Fun Fun in 2012 and absolutely loved it. She has difficult days, but doesn't quit.

You’ll find Olin participating this Sunday, May 4th 2014 at the 10th Annual US Bank OC Marathon starting in Newport Beach, CA and ending in Costa Mesa. With over 22,000 runners participating in the marathon, half marathon, Wahoo’s OC 5K, and Kids Run the OC, this is sure to be a record-breaking year for the US Bank OC Marathon. More information can be found at www.ocmarathon.com


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