Not Flat Stanley: The WackyCapNTrish Game

WackyCapNTrish went to the Queen Mary
WackyCapNTrish went to the Queen Mary
How far can we go on the **internet**?  WackyCap Caprice Rothe (Hands of E.T.) and WackyTrish Trish Tsoiasue live in Southern California.

Hey, guys, let's play a game!  I'd really like if you could print out the attached card and carry it with you to recognizable locations and take a photo... like our Queen Mary photo... with the card there.  It should be super fun!

If you post the photo on our fan page, http://www.facebook.com/WackyCapNTrish, we'll build a post with all the WackyCapNTrish photos.

Please play our game and share with your friends.

And I will tell you this.  It's not a chain post, you will not receive bad luck if you don't do it... BUT... if you share with your friends... hm... let's say 5... you will be much happier, you will have fun, and we will all have a laugh together!


Please like our Fan Page, http://www.facebook.com/WackyCapNTrish

Please post the photo on our Fan Page, with or with out you, but it should include the WackyCapNTrish card.  Please also state where the photo was taken and your name if you care to make it known.

This game just got easier!
Just staying in? Take a photo with the card and you in your living room.  Don't have a printer?  Take a photo with the card and the WackyCapNTrish card displayed on your mobile device or laptop! (but we really like photos that will be recognizable, show something (or someone) significant or cultural about your location).

All photos posted to WackyCapNTrish are public and may be shared across multiple social media platforms at the discretion of WackyCapNTrish.  By playing this game, you agree to these terms.


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