Red Light Photo Enforcement

Calling on all Walnut voters.  It's time to vote out any councilman that supports this red light photo enforcement program.  Call your councilman and express your voting right.

Michael February 22, 2014 at 02:06 AM
Nice thought, but don't waste your time. The majority of idiot Walnut voters have re-elected every council person that has supported the ticket camera- little man Pacheco and Mary Su both support it. Walnut voters can't get enough of those $500 tickets. Stupid is as stupid does.
Lynn Glover March 15, 2014 at 01:35 PM
I claim exceptional qualifications to address this issue. And,I have studied the camera results for the Walnut intersection from data provided through the Sheriff for a period from 7 years before the cameras and 7 years after that shows collisions from red light running are up 500%, from rear enders are up 67% and from all collisions are up 37%. These results have also been corroborated by data from the CHP SWITRS data base. Further, the most common citation from cameras is right turn on red (approx. 90%) which is a money making technicality that has resulted in ZERO collisions during the entire 14 years. I have met with all 5 council members who, except for Eric Ching, insist on meeting only with the city manager present. The meetings have been attended also by the past and present sheriff station captains. They have heard the complete results in the meetings and have received several e-mails from me documenting the discussions. Except for Eric, they have steadfastly stuck to myths, fallacies and folklore about the need and benefits of the cameras which are undocumented, unproven and inconsistent with the data. I have offered $1000 prizes for data and analysis which would prove their assertions. They have turned a blind eye to the results. I also have documented history of corruption by camera companies in general and Redflex in particular that reveals how they influence results and officials to buy into and maintain the camera programs. For example, Redflex was even thrown out of Chicago, a not so reputable city itself. Its behavior in the USA has resulted in the chairman of the Australian parent company to resign. Our city states it is earning about $140,000 a year, half of which goes to the Sheriff and half into the General fund. This is a possible violation of the vehicle code considering there is no safety benefit. Further, I have offered sound alternatives to cameras for improving safety at the intersection above and beyond just going back to the safer situation before the cameras. Redflex issues up to about a $1/4 million in citations per month at the intersection. Nationwide they get about 1/3 of the revenue. I have asked all the council members to sign a pledge to get rid of the cameras. Only Eric and the opposition candidate Betty Tang have done so. This whole matter is a disgrace to our city and a blemish on the election campaigns of Bob Pacheco and Mary Su who make no mention of it in their materials. I challenge anybody to make a credible case for the cameras and for our city keeping a relationship with this company.
joebanana March 18, 2014 at 11:44 AM
Just what is an "infraction"? Is it a misdemeanor, or a felony? Is it a "civil action", or a criminal act? Who is the complaining party? Who has suffered harm that needs to be made "whole" again? As in calling wages earned, "income" for tax purposes, this is government sponsored extortion, and not "legal" under the US constitution, even if 'laws" were written declaring otherwise.
joebanana March 18, 2014 at 11:51 AM
An example, if you fail to appear on an "infraction" there is an arrest warrant issued in your name, converting that "infraction" into a criminal act, and the use of deadly force to ensure compliance is in effect. "Traffic court" is not constitutional, the right to travel freely unmolested by whatever means one chooses is a constitutional right. NOT A PRIVILEGE.


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