Who is taking care of the grandparents?

Cora Keeton. For over nineteen years she has given financially challenged grandparents raising their grandchildren, support. This support includes giving grandparents access to information which is related to the issues they face: health, legal, nutrition, and any other issues which are important to them.

Most of these grandparents are raising their grandchildren because the parents of these children cannot. Why? These reasons range from drug addiction to mental health issues and incarceration.

Although financially challenged, these grandparents always discover a way to raise funds for their non-profit organization. For example, they held a garage sale to raise funds for their organization. Because I was so amazed with their dedication to The North Sacramento Grandparents Support Group, not only to the organization, but to its founder, Cora Keeton, I felt compelled to write and share this article with the people of California. Hopefully they will join me in applauding the work they are doing in raising their grandchildren.

By Jessika Morrison- Neighborhood observer

For more information concerning this group contact The North Sacramento Grandparents Support Group.  Cora Keeton, Founder (916) 927-4196. Email ckeeton@northsacramentograndparentssupport.org


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