City Already Working on Upgrades to Diamond Bar's Bark Park

The Bark Park at Pantera Park opened less than a month ago, but the city has already received feedback from the community about things that could be improved.

A new dog park in town is already being upgraded by the city of Diamond Bar, after residents voiced their concerns over a few lingering issues.

The Bark Park, which opened Nov. 17, is located at Pantera Park, on a 1.35-acre parcel located at 738 Pantera Drive. There are two main enclosures: a 0.3 acre area for small dogs less than 25 pounds, the other a 0.6 acre area for large dogs 25 pounds or larger.

Dog-owning residents had been eagerly anticipating the opening of the park-- which cost the city more than $200,000 to build-- and though most seemed to enjoy themselves at the grand opening celebration, there are a few things people have complained about.

"There's only ONE water fountain and its located outside of the fenced areas, so I suggest bringing a bowl," Diamond Bar resident Kristen B. wrote on Yelp.  "There are no benches and no shade for owners."

"What I do not like is the wood chips all over the ground," Sona M. wrote on the site.  "My dogs left a complete mess and wood chips stuck in their hair and I left with some in my shoes."

According to Cecilia Arellano, public information coordinator for the city, Diamond Bar is working to resolve some of these things right away, as they've received similar concerns from other community members.

In fact, Arellano says that 11 more benches will be added "within the next couple weeks" due to seating concerns.  Five will be added outside the enclosures, and three will be added inside each the large and small dog areas.

Also based on community feedback, the city has already added more trash receptacles inside the enclosures, as well as bags for cleaning up after the dogs' messes, Arellano added.  They've also added more signage to direct people to the park, and reiterate park rules.

As for the water fountain issue, Arellano tells Patch that this is something on the city's radar, and will get fixed if and when they get more money.

"There have been talks about bringing water inside," she told Patch.  "As soon as funding becomes available... it’s on our list of things to do."

The city set aside a total of $235,000 from its general fund to make the project happen, and that money is just about used up, according to Arellano.  So far, it's paid for all the construction, signage, amenities, and the coming benches.

The spokeswoman added that the wood chips were used to keep both construction and maintenance costs down.  She also said that any concerned residents can continue to offer up comments and suggestions about the park by contacting the city here.

Despite some of the negative comments about the park, most users do seem to be happy just to have this new park option in town.

"I'm really glad the park has finally opened and I'm sure dogs of all sizes will have a great time," Jennifer A. wrote on Yelp.

"I live in Diamond Bar, so I'm just glad they finally have [a dog park] and no[t] far my home," Tyrone W. added.


Ray Russell December 03, 2012 at 06:19 PM
The park is great to have. Still we need water, benches, some shade, paved entrance walks, and grass. Best of all the dogs don't care, they just have fun running and playing. If you have dogs, bring them for a visit. This is their park.
Charlene Gregoroff December 04, 2012 at 07:42 AM
Bark Park is nice overall. It needs shade come summer time. One of my dogs has a thick black coat and despises the sun. Beware of the owners! They let their dogs poop all up and down that paved sidewalk leading up to the gated areas and don't even bother to pick it up. I just went again this past Saturday and encountered 8 smeared poops (some small, some HUGE) on the sidewalk from the parking lot to the small dog gate. Also, I noticed some owners bringing multiple dogs for each gated area which leads to more poopage! One owner was in the >25 lb area and left his Pomeranian in the <25 lb by itself. Poor thing was scared and just standing there.


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