Diamond Bar H.S. Cheerleader Dies, Memorial Services This Weekend

The high school senior passed away last week, and now friends, family, and an entire student body prepare to mourn her loss.

The community of Diamond Bar High School has been mourning the loss this week of one of their own, Danika Tibayan.

Tibayan, a senior at the school and cheerleader, died Nov. 30.  She was 17.

"We have received official word that Danika Tibayan, a senior at our high school, passed away after her recent hospitalization," school principal Catherine Real wrote in an email to parents, which she shared with Diamond Bar-Walnut Patch.  "In a final act of generosity, her family chose to give others a second chance at life by participating in the organ donation program."

"As a school, we would like to celebrate her life and be thankful for the time we shared with her," Real said.  "Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this difficult time."

Tibayan was hospitalized for about a week, after collapsing from an apparent asthma attack, according to reports from friends on Facebook and online forums.

A Facebook page that was dedicated to updating her loved ones on her condition gained a following of nearly 14,500 fans from Nov. 27 to Dec. 7. 

Posts on that page indicated that Tibayan suffered seizures while hospitalized, and was ultimately declared brain dead.  

Photos and well-wishes posted show the massive support she and her family received from the community-- both in person and through Facebook and Twitter.

A viewing was held Thursday night, and memorial services are scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 8:

Traci priest December 16, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Hi, I didn't personally know Danika or any of her family but I am a BRAHMA ALUMNI of class of 1990! But I feel once ur a BRAHMA ur always a BRAHMA and u never leave a Brahma behind or standing alone!! So from one Brahma to another Brahma girl, may u no longer be is pian, may u fly high and free as bird, may u have more strength and more spirit than any other angel up in heaven cuz YOUR A BRAHMA!!! As we all grieve cuz god took u away too fast, but theres a reason for it just know one knows it yet. But u must keep on smilin because girl u went to the best darn high school out there, and that's in theses days mine was 21 years ago. But we rocked!! As u see ur class graduate in June ur picture will be up there, and u will be flying above them all with that purple cap and gown on, showing then who rocks!! May u rest in peace!!! Prayers to the families and friends. Traci Anderson priest class of 90
Capt America November 05, 2013 at 09:24 PM
Traci, your post is idiotic and disgraceful. This young person was taken in the prime of her life and all you can contribute are thoughts like, "u will be flying high above them all...showing them who rocks!" Seriously? Are you retarded? I'm also a DBHS Class of '90 graduate and do remember you. Your post looks like it was written by a 3-year-old on crack and you apparently haven't gotten any smarter over the past 2+ decades. To Danika's family and friends: cherish your memories of her, she will always be with you. The community will never forget her.


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