Diamond Bar Neighborhood Concerned About Mail Fraud

Several dozen residents in the North Country neighborhood are coming together after incidents involving their mail boxes.

Residents of Diamond Bar’s North Country housing tract witnessed an odd site recently many found alarming.

“Someone had opened several mailboxes,” said resident Chuck Ingoglia.

It was the middle of the day, he said. But there they were, open as if someone, obviously other than a U.S. Postal worker, had brazenly pulled open all the boxes and looked inside.

The incident has mobilized several residents into reaching out to one another, networking to determine if anyone has fallen victim to a crime. Some 45 neighbors, including Ingoglia, gathered at one resident’s home to discuss the issue.

They are currently trying to organize a Neighborhood Watch for the about 400 homes in the tract, which lies east of Golden Springs Road and High Knob Road.

“Stories are beginning to come out,” Ignoglia said. He did not specify what has happened. He did say concerns were addressed.

As a result, the group has been in contact with a Postal Inspector. A case has been opened, he said. Ignoglia and fellow organizers have walked the neighborhood to reach out to more neighbors, he said. They have contacted more than 150 people.

“It’s amazing how many people came out and were concerned about this,” Ignoglia said.

On an average year, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service officials said they arrest about 10,000 suspects, many of the arrests are for mail theft or possession of stolen mail.

They investigate roughly 3,000 mail fraud cases, resulting in some 1,300 arrests and millions of dollars in restitution.

“Every day, the U.S. Postal Service delivers about 700 million pieces of mail to U.S. households and businesses,” according to the US Postal Service’s website. “And, every day, the Postal Inspection Service is there, protecting the U.S. Postal Service, securing and ensuring the nation’s mail system, and ensuring public trust in the U.S. Mail.”

For more information about the Neighborhood Watch programs, call the Diamond Bar/Walnut Sheriff’s (909) 595-2264. The station is at 21695 E. Valley Blvd. Walnut.


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