The Vagina Antagonizers

If you thought the bullying on the school bus was bad (and it was), then what Republican legislators in Michigan did was worse.

It's been a heckuva couple of weeks for bullying.

You've got a bunch of kids taking aim at a bus monitor on YouTube, and the backlash from that.

It was an ugly display that has raised the ire of parents and others nationwide, including the raising of money for the poor woman who had to bear the brunt of a bunch of spoiled rotten children.

But more impressively, you've got a bunch of lawmakers in Michigan who decided to bully a couple of their own female peers because of their language.

Their crime: They said vagina. During a debate over women's productive rights.

Let's get it out there: Vagina. Vagina. Vagina.

The nerve of female lawmakers using the proper term for the body part that Republican lawmakers wanted to enact new restrictions on.

Really? That smacks of such condescension. It'd be like lawmakers silencing Martin Luther King Jr. while making a civil rights decision. Or silencing Cesar Chavez when it came to farm workers' rights. Or women making a law about a man's penis without their input.

Yep. Penis. Penis. Penis.

Stop tittering like a 10-year-old.

We need to grow up, people. These are the correct terms for our body parts. You'd rather use something like c--k, d--k, p---y or c--t? With this country's weak constitution? Yeah, right.

When we were preparing to welcome our son into the world, the woman teaching the birthing class told us "Call it a penis. Don't call it a cutesy name like winky. Get them used to the word."

And you know what will happen if my son ever walked up to someone and said "Penis?"

I can imagine the shocked looks from an uptight, sheltered, conservative person, who'd turn to us and ask if he really said that. And why shouldn't he. It's a part of his body.

Oh, wait. I remember what the problem with penis and vagina are.


We're still too uptight when it comes to sex. Sex is still that one taboo that the conservative movement can't get its head around. It's still that one thing that they can't give up trying to legislate, while telling us that there's too much government.

So, let's get this straight Republicans: If you can't say the words -- or think they are words that aren't fit for "mixed company" -- then you can't legislate about what goes on in the bedroom or doctor's office.

That way, you don't come off as stupid children bullying a senior volunteer on a school bus.

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Anon June 26, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Bill Norris why would you write about this? You are a vagina!
Thunder June 28, 2012 at 04:38 PM
what a lamb story. seriously it never mentions the context of how the woman used the word ( for instance vagina sounds much worse when you add hairy or something before it) or how they bullied her. if you are going to report, report. if you are going to ramble on, use your twitter account, that is what it is for.


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