Airlines Pulling Out of Ontario International Airport at Rapid Rate, Study Says

Airlines have announced they will slash the number of available seats from Ontario by a total of about 24.5 percent over the next three months.

By City News Service

The group that is suing Los Angeles for control of Ontario International Airport says airlines are pulling out of the Inland Empire at an alarming rate, it was reported today.

The number of seats offered from the inland air terminal will drop nearly a quarter in the next three months, the Riverside-Press-Enterprise reported.

Flights are no longer longer offered from ONT to major destinations like Atlanta or JFK in New York, and fares are becoming noncompetitive to transfer hubs like Denver, Dallas, Houston or Salt Lake City, according to a study by the Ontario International Airport Authority, as reported today in the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

The agency has been formed by Inland Empire cities to wrest control of the airport from the City of Los Angeles. Diamond Bar, Walnut, and the City of Industry all support the group's effort to regain local control. 

Negotiations between the city's Los Angeles World Airports and the new inland agency are continuing this month over the fate of the airport.

Airlines have announced they will slash the number of available seats from Ontario by a total of about 24.5 percent over the next three months, according to a study from the Ontario International Airport Authority.

The Riverside newspaper quoted one passenger who diverted to Palm Springs for a $658 flight to Corpus Christi, Texas, rather than pay $1,548 to fly out of Ontario.

Los Angeles has owned and operated Ontario for decades, as part of a plan to divert travelers from Los Angeles international Airport. LAWA has built a new terminal at Ontario, but its marketing efforts have been faulted by inland cities desperate not to lose their air service.

Aggravating the problem has been an industry trend to concentrate service at main gateway airports instead of suburban airports, and the increased frequency of air service at the Palm Springs airport as more resort- goers and locals patronize it.

Crispin Tarango January 05, 2014 at 02:03 PM
Ontario to St Louis $500+, Lax to St Louis $400+, San Diego to St Louis, under $200.. Same airline???
Vito Spago January 05, 2014 at 07:14 PM
If LAWA is mismanaging Ontario, then in what way. What is the purpose of LAWA management. To keep Ontario in business or to keep cheap airfares for the flying public? Also does the city of Ontario know how to run an airport? Can it compete with LAX fare wise? I do not think so. I think Ontario is screwed, because in this low fare competitive market, it cannot compete. Either airline ticket prices increase 100% everywhere (no one wants) or Ontario goes to mothballs.
Ray Russell January 06, 2014 at 01:57 PM
Sorry if Lessing business isn't missmanagement, what is it? LAWA 's job and directives are to move traffic from LAX to outlying airports to reduce traffic and congestion at the central airport. By eliminating service and business (competition) at the satellite airports this isn't being done. Their only interest appears to be to increase business at LAX at the cost to Ontario and the other satellites in the system. So maybe your right, the are managing the system they way they want to!
Ray Russell January 06, 2014 at 02:03 PM
Should read: losing
Vito Spago January 06, 2014 at 04:17 PM
Ray: I think the business model has changed (or it was flawed to begin with in order to get new airports built). In this day of high fuel costs airlines need to only fly planes that are 100% full. 90% full and they cancel the flights because they are not cost effective. Small airports do not cut it unless you want to ride a plane like a bus to 10 nearby cities until it is full before a cross country flight. The bottom line is that Ontario cannot fill the planes.


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