Diamond Bar Ranked Among the Best Cities to Live In

Diamond Bar is one of five California cities to be named to the list created by Money Magazine.

Take heart Diamond Bar residents, Money Magazine has confirmed what you already know: You all live in a pretty cool city.

Recently, the magazine came out with Best Places to Live 2012. It ranked Diamond Bar 41st in a list of 100. The rankings were based on the city’s job opportunities, schools, low crime, quality health care, and what activities it offers residents.

“The residents of Diamond Bar take pride in their homes,” Money Magazine  wrote.

“Witness the annual , in which neighbors vie to be deemed the one with the best holiday spirit, best lawn display, or most energy-efficient decorations. Not that community spirit is lacking. Locals boast of their first-ever (Bark Park) and relocated library. What's not so hot? High taxes, and long commutes to Los Angeles.”

Diamond Bar was one of five California cities named to the list. Irvine came in sixth. Cupertino came in 27th. Chino Hills was 34th and Yorba Linda, 42nd.

“I am incredibly proud of Diamond Bar for being one of only five cities in California that made the list” said Mayor Ling-Ling Chang. “The City earned this high distinction due to our excellent schools, low crime rates, cultural diversity, strong community spirit, parks and open space, and a higher than national average family income. The ranking also reflects the strong fiscal health of the City.”

“Being the first homegrown Mayor, this honor will hopefully show others throughout the nation what a great place Diamond Bar is to live in, to raise a family, and to be a part of.  It is why I call Diamond Bar home,” Chang said.

Almost 56,000 live in the city. Officials often boast about the achievements of its schools. Along with the events listed by the magazine, Diamond Bar also hosts an annual birthday party that features carnival rides, and a Fourth of July Show that drew more than 5,000 people.

“It's located at the juncture of three major counties and uniquely embodies each one of them,” wrote resident Jamie Borromeo. “The class and sophistication of Orange County, the style and swag of Los Angeles, and the diverse culture and suburban family life of the Inland Empire.”

Check out what other Diamond Bar residents said they love about their town:

“It's a safe and quiet city, apart from lack of entertainment, it's a great place to raise a family,” said Melissa Dee.

“I love being able to take my 4-year-old daughter Megan on a late night walk (9 p.m.) and feel so safe,” said Trichia Tran. “Diamond Bar is a city that puts family first. Including the pets, which is why all parks welcome dogs and a ‘dog park’ is just around the corner.”

“I grew up in Diamond Bar, I have to say that it's amazing place to live,” said Armine Deryousefian. “From their birthday celebration to football and soccer leagues, it's a friendly like city. They have the best schools located around. It’s safe it's fun, and it's quiet! I love it! A perfect place to start a family.”

“Safe, quiet, family oriented. The schools are great and the people who live here are amazing,” said Crystal Bernal.

“I have called Diamond Bar home for 30 plus years,” said Heather Myer Zurati. “I was in the second graduating class of Diamond Bar High. I have always loved this city for all it has to offer. The feeling of walking down the street and everyone knows you and says hello.”

“I have lived in Diamond Bar my whole life and believe our city is a hidden gem within Los Angeles County,” said Danielle Escobar. “Diamond Bar is quiet and safe, a perfect place to raise your family. Diamond Bar offers great schools and a diversified culture.”

“It has a small town feel,” Amanda Shaffer Maldonado said. “Seeing neighbors and friends at the grocery store. Great place to raise kids not a lot of crime and everyone seems to be considerate of the city and take care of it. That is what will keep it a great city for years to come.”

And finally, Kate Leung loves the city for the obvious reason. “Good people ha ha ha.”

Ray Russell August 23, 2012 at 08:41 PM
I'm having a problem with this rating..! How can people enjoy a non-existent dog park..? If this was part of the ratings used, then maybe this rating is flawed..! Diamond Bar has been talking about "building" a dog park for nearly two years. Still no park...! I know several of the potential users have been trying to converse with city personnel about problems associated with the design of the park, but we have just gotten nowhere. The small dog area needs grass not wood chips for the safety and comfort to the dogs. The large dog area also needs grass for the safety for the dogs. Design problems (some how over looked in the original planning) have raised the cost for the park. And evidently no one is to blame..! How does that happen..? Can any one with the city respond..? What's going on people..? How about an honest and candid response..?
ken August 24, 2012 at 01:28 AM
Diamond Bar is a great place to live. I've been here since 1986. Lets see how we rank after the 500 low to very low income high density housing comes in. In case you didn't know that Diamond Bar has unanimously approved this, just Google it. People of Diamond Bar, speak up and get involved! In this article, read why the people love Diamond Bar.....Let's keep it this way.
Vito Spago October 29, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Only downside to this area is lack of diversity. Way too many Asians and too few Blacks and Latinos. Diamond Bar has dumpy markets such as K Mart and Target. They also have high crime apartments and condos. I would want to live in Walnut except for the fact that Walnut also has very low diversity.
Diamond Bar Resident November 19, 2012 at 01:45 AM
I'm black and live in Diamond Bar. I don't know which area you live in, but most of my neighbors are Latin American/ Hispanic and I see plenty of other African Americans around town. There are also a lot of Indian families around here too. There is plenty of diversity in Diamond Bar. The Target is relatively new (nice and clean too), but I don't shop at Kmart any more due to the rude manager(at least it's clean though). There are other place to shop, though, if you know the area.


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