Kyala Japanese Cuisine: All New Renovation

After more than 20 years, Kyala has undergone a complete renovation, and created a new menu to boot!

is grateful for decades of loyal patronage from Diamond Bar regulars, but owners Michiko and Yoshikazu Tanaka felt it was time for something new.

Since a few months ago, Michiko and Yoshikazu Tanaka have been inspired to remaster their menu and have also given their eatery a clean fresh look.

True to their Tokyo roots, the Tanakas have redesigned their space to give it a more open feel, while keeping to traditional Japanese design. The dining room, sushi bar, and restrooms have all been completely remodeled to give an expanded view from the front door.

The square footage is the same, but all new fixtures, paint, lighting, carpet, and sushi bar have given Kyala a modern yet still quaint atmosphere.

“We are so very excited to give our loyal customers the gift of a beautiful new Kyala!” Michiko said. “It was a lot of hard work, but all you see was my design and ideas, and I am very proud of the outcome! I still have work to finish on the exterior, but I am happy to be finished inside.”

Yoshikazu, master sushi chef and Michiko’s husband of 22 years said he approves of the redesign.

“Yes, Michiko did a very good job," Yoshi said. "It looks very nice.”

The work took longer than expected, but after a reopening Mother’s day weekend, business has been almost back to normal. Many Kyala regulars waited patiently for the doors to open, jumping right back in to their favorite Japanese spot.

Gitanjali Lodhia, a regular at Kyala felt the renovation was  a good thing.

“It looks great!" Lodhia said. "I’ve gone to eat a couple of times already!”

If you know Michiko and Yoshikazu, their life’s work is Kyala restaurant. They have worked many years to provide a menu and atmosphere Diamond Bar would appreciate.

On the menu, Yoshi has some very special new delights. Sushi is not all he does, and he has a great passion for cooking. He has a new appetizer of fried lotus root and Japanese purple potato served with a special house made curry salt for dipping.

Yoshi also added cucumber rolls with spicy lime and halibut, broiled beef with soy dressing, “animal style” crunchy rolls with braised onions (which was vaguely, and I mean vaguely, reminiscent of an In-n-Out burger),  sesame marinated baby octopus, tuna Poke, and others.

The new menu was not yet finished at the time, but the Tanakas promise the old favorites will still be available.

“We have brought back many new recipes from Tokyo, and we are happy to include them on our new menu!" Michiko said.

A new dessert offering is black sesame ice cream served with carmelized strawberry.

“Black sesame is the it flavor in the east right now," Michiko said.

In addition to new, exciting menu items, the interior of Kyala is all new.

This renovation brings a new spirit to them and the environment they have created. With traditional Japanese interior decorating in mind, the color scheme is  grey, black, with small touches of red.

The palette contains calm and subdued hues, so the bright colors of the food stand out. In Japanese culture, the art of food making is taken very seriously. It is a marriage of flavor and visual delights. With that in mind, the décor must not overwhelm the presentation of the food.

The underlying design feature of a room or series of rooms is dictated by the Japanese fixation on simplicity.  

Japanese design establishes a focal point toward the center with little obstructing free visual flow and physical movement about the perimeter.

Kyala is a fine example of traditional Japanese cuisine and décor. The atmosphere is relaxing even during the busy lunch rush, just remember to sit with Yoshi at the bar to get special delights not on the menu.

Just say, “Make me something, Yoshi, please!”


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