Macaroni Grill: A Local Kid's Opinion

Twelve-year-old Ariel Chen of Walnut reviews the Macaroni Grill in Industry.

Ariel Chen, 12, of Walnut shared a review of Macaroni Grill with Patch:

Macaroni Grill is tasty and refreshing. There are many features that make Macaroni Grill stand out from the other restaurants. Why is that? Because Macaroni Grill contains properties that are needed to make it a good restaurant. The properties include the decoration, service, and the food it provides.

Walking into the restaurant, it gives me a calm and welcoming feeling, allowing me to look at my surroundings. The lights provide a totally different feeling to customers, as customers sit at their assigned tables. The dim lights provide privacy to each individual customer. The decorations around the restaurant provide a feeling as if I’m in Italy. The pictures hung around invite every eye to look at them. The booths are soft and comfortable. The music played at the restaurant is calm and provides a cultural feeling of Italy.

Second of all, Macaroni Grill probably provides one of the best dining service of all restaurants in the U.S. Each waiter or waitress always introduce themselves to the tables they are assigned to provide service to. Introducing themselves to customers, they would write their name on the paper covering the table with various colors. The waiter or waitress is like a smiling machine, always bringing a smile to your face. Children also have a good time at Macaroni Grill when we are given crayons for mazes, tic-tac-toe, etc. When food is placed in front of you, the waiter or waitress asks if any cheese is wanted on your meal.

Last but not least is the most important factor of all to make a restaurant: the food provided in the restaurant. After placing our orders, we would just sit waiting patiently while sipping our refreshing drinks, waiting for the main dishes of our meal to arrive. We always would know before seeing our food that our food is here, when the atmosphere around us is filled with the aroma of the food. The food is really, really good; it’s amazing in every way.

For example, there is a dish of smoked salmon that is a favorite of mine and my whole family. The smoked salmon has a taste as if it was freshly caught, and a taste of burntness as it is in your mouth waiting to be swallowed. Your teeth sink into the soft tenderness of the salmon. The rice beside the salmon is just as good, with the deep tastes of nuts and minty leaves. There is also a noodle dish with added chicken that my whole family loves, especially my little brother. The noodles are soft and slippery, with chicken that is irresistable. The chicken is tender and chewy, not like some of the chicken you might taste somewhere else that is hard or dry. The sauce found in the dish brings a new life to the food.

Prices at Macaroni Grill may be a bit high, but when it comes to eating at Macaroni Grill, it’s totally worth it.

In conclusion, if you have never been to Macaroni Grill, you will regret it. Macaroni Grill is so good that everyone who eats there will enjoy their time there, and would want to go again and again. Macaroni Grill is very well made as a restaurant, with many features that provide an everlasting memory to the customers. Macaroni Grill should be rated as one of the best restaurants in all of the U.S.


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