Brahma Board Seeks to Save Paper and Trees

Brahma Board members pose during their rally at DBHS
Brahma Board members pose during their rally at DBHS


Diamond Bar, CA:  Brahma Board: Upgrade your Updates is an AP Environmental Science class from Diamond Bar High School wanting to minimize paper usage at school. Witnessing thousands of papers going to waste for advertisements that get thrown away at the end of each week while constantly hearing news about landfills overflowing, students of Brahma Board came up with the idea to install digital signage boards, called Brahma Boards, around campus.

The flat panel TV screens with LCD monitors and LED backlights will display club advertisements and important reminders in lieu of paper ads. These digital boards will not only put DBHS in line with the rapidly advancing age of technology today, but also heighten the security on campus while, most importantly, supporting the environment.

On April 22, a demo system that demonstrates the capabilities of a digital signage board was set up in the school library. If the school and district administration grant approval, a total of five digital signage boards will be set up in naturally shaded areas around campus.

To educate fellow students about its cause, Brahma Board recently held a rally at DBHS. Over 300 students signed a pledge supporting the installation of Brahma Boards. Various clubs have also agreed to reduce the usage of paper for advertisement.

Brahma Board, then, took its mission beyond the boundaries of its school by reaching out to the community. From local businesses to outside organizations, the group raised awareness among Diamond Bar residents of the grave issue of deforestation as a result of excessive paper waste and informed people about its movement. Brahma Board also visited Quail Summit Elementary School to teach the children about the importance of “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” in a fun and interactive presentation.

Word even reached California Assemblyman Curt Hagman, who sent out emails to district residents talking about the Brahma Board’s cause, which seeks to “benefit our environment and keep our community beautiful.”

In this way, Brahma Board continues to seek ways to spread the awareness to as many people as they can. They hope that people can switch out of their mindless habits of wasting paper to save the world’s trees and biodiversity.

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