Cop beats gramdmother along 10 Fwy.

Earlier this week a highway patrol "officer" was video taped tackling a grandmother at the La Brea  on ramp to the 10 fwy. in L.A. and beating her in the head, brutally and REPEATEDLY, closed fisted, while she showed no resistance whatsoever. Another "off duty" cop jumps in, restricting her during the assault. And the only "offense" she could have committed was "not wearing shoes". This SICK, inexcusable, unacceptable behavior was DEFENDED by a department "spokesperson".
Folks, we have a SEVERE problem here. It was CLEAR in the video, that this "old woman" did NOTHING to provoke this assault and battery on her person. Police are not allowed to strike people during an arrest, the Nazi's did that and were condemned for it. US police are no better than the Gestapo were during WWII.
Al P July 07, 2014 at 02:11 PM
What do you expect from this Pigs, they are animals in uniform, just because you have a badge and you are a police, it does not mean that you going to strike every individual you stop..only in the mind of a policeman, that has logic. everybody else in the country, disagree with this kind of behavior...How can, we the citizens of this country, can stop this animal behavior.


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