Has Walnut lost it's charm?

Has Walnut lost its charm?


Greetings fellow citizens of Walnut,

Growing up in Walnut, I always felt a sense of peace and calmness regarding the natural environment of our area. The area of Walnut is unique due to the fact that we have close proximity to downtown Los Angeles, yet we still have the amenities that are found in rural cities. Recently, however, Walnut has undergone a change that has not only disturbed the local environment, but also the image that Walnut has been created upon.

The purpose of this post is twofold. First, I would like to bring about the changes that will/have greatly impacted the community of Walnut. Secondly, I would like to ask the members of our beautiful community if you believe that there are any plans that we can conjure together as to revive the natural beauty of Walnut.


Currently, there is a major problem that the city of Walnut faces. If you did not know, the southern portion of the Brookside Equestrian Center has been sold, and in turn, will soon become a housing development. However, the Brookside Equestrian center is a California Historical Landmark. I am not too sure under what grounds this property was sold…? Also, since many of the citizens of Walnut have not visited this beautiful property, they do not know that the remaining portion of Lemon Creek runs through this parcel of Land. In addition, there are many native trees and plants that serve as houses for many different animals. The construction of this land will lead to the loss of biodiversity and aesthetical beauty of Walnut

In 2007, a group of concerned Walnut citizens formed a grouped known as the Lemon Creek Conservancy. Their main objective was to stop the creation of Meadowpass road, which had initially stopped at Pierre Rd. Unfortunately, once again, the city did not believe that the environment of Walnut was valuable, and thus created the road in 2010/11. I am not too sure where this group has gone since the construction of the road, but it would be amazing if we can get a group of Walnut Citizens to come together in solidarity for the preservation of this area. This is one of the last remaining riparian ecosystems in the county.


Concerned Walnut Resident
Vito Spago July 07, 2014 at 08:45 PM
Because the buyers are Chinese nationals that are using US RE to get their life savings out of China. Also Walnut may be worth $1M to someone of Chinese ancestry because they do not have to assimilate with other Americans here. However, when other races have $1M to pay for a house, they DO NOT pick Walnut. No surprise to me.
Lynn Glover July 08, 2014 at 09:18 AM
The only constant is change.
shazaam July 08, 2014 at 07:03 PM
Vito- Not every Asian has destroyed Walnut. The ones that do are the Asian Immigrants, not the "Western Asians" who were born here or the ones that assimilated with the American culture. I for one, am not a fan of the Mainland Chinese folks that come and use cash money to buy properties. They are rude, disrespectful, and arrogant. Where did you find out the students were cheating? I would like to know about that. You paid 200,000 in 1986 and now your house is worth at least a minimum of a million dollars? That should continue to leave a big smile on your face and if you stay for another 10 years, your house might just be worth a whopping 1.5 mill. I doubt that you will since you have decided to move to the central coast in the near future. Robert - Whichever city you go to in the span of 25 years it will change - even if you move up the coast of CA. Joe Banana - the Mcdonalds on Fairway and Colima does have the Korean Language. Even the Mt. Sac marquee has Chinese characters on it. Yes, it has gone too far. The only city that I am aware that does not permit foreign language is the City of San Marino even though 53 percent of the population are Asian. This was 15 years ago and I don't know if it has changed or not. Lynn - Yes the only constant is change. Just my two cents. Enjoy your day everyone!
Vito Spago July 08, 2014 at 11:59 PM
Shazaam: I agree that it is the FOB Asians that are the worst. Once their children leave home and get into college, the children are OK. The cheating was for projects where things had to be built. Such as models of Calif Missions, House floor plans, etc. The construction was so excellent that the parents, not the kids, had to have done it. That is the cheating. Why should I be happy that my house is worth a lot? I cannot spend that money unless I sell the house. BIG fallacy of RE: being "house rich".
Me July 13, 2014 at 04:56 AM
I am saddened to hear about the equestrian center.


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