Unique Halloween Costume Ideas: Forget Obvious Trends

Don't be the guy standing next to another guy wearing a Gangnam Style get-up. Here are some alternative costume ideas to the ones that everyone will expect.

The problem with a great costume idea is that there comes a tipping point where everybody has it. If you're dreaming of showing up to a party Gangnam Style, then you're already played out. Here are five under-the-radar costume ideas that will earn you cool points from the costume police:

1. Go Gangnam Style, but be that weird dude in a vinyl neon suit from the dance battle scene. His dance moves are just as sweet and you get to order a "Bowl Cut" at a number of hair salons in Claremont-La Verne or Diamond Bar-Walnut.

2. Please, please, please don't go as a blind NFL referee. It's been done. Instead, play off this great meme and wear referee attire from different sports--stripe shirt, umpire's slacks and facemask, ice skates. Get the point? You are a scab ref and you're too incompetent to dress yourself.

3. Hike up your pants over your belly button, adopt a tough guy scowl, and start talking to empty furniture. Who are you? You're Clint Eastwood!

4. Put a bag over your head and go as a Dodger fan. Or an Angel fan.

5. When in doubt, go absurd. Head down to Party City and start mixing and matching weird items from their mass-produced costume section. Gorilla mask and a tutu? Perfect.


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