Why DINO JIMMY POLLALIS earned my vote

Some things just can’t be bought: Integrity, Honesty, Courage, Love, Intelligence, Caring, Compassion.

Dino funded his campaign with his own money. Spent around a thousand dollars. His campaign buttons were homemade. Letters were addressed by hand. That is Love!
He didn’t accept contributions or endorsements, though they were offered, so that he will not owe any favors, or will be obligated to politically payback. That is Honesty and Integrity!
He knew his chances to win a seat on the city council is slim as a write-in candidate, and because of lack of money and political influences. The odds are against him because of the exorbitant amount of money that has been poured into this campaign by outsiders to influence the outcome of this election (over $270,000 spent by the other three candidates, and the plethora of both politicians, and obscure outside powers who support them), and yet Dino still decided to run because he wanted to stop the divisiveness that has fragmented of our city. Dino wants to help stop our town’s downward spiral path and restore our city’s Pride and Glory. That is Courage!
After graduating from college with High Honors in Engineering, Dino gained over 20 years of professional experience in both domestic and international marketing. He has traveled extensively in the continental U.S. and overseas as part of his job. He has the ability to think objectively, analytically and strategically. He will be able to make sound decisions before casting his vote as a council member, an intellect and independent thinker. He will be a great lobbyist for our city when it comes time to rally for funding for our city at the State and Federal levels. He will speak well on our city’s behalf. He has the Intelligence and Communications skills to be a councilman.
Dino is a loving husband and father. He loves to spend time with his wife and two children. He partakes in their school and extracurricular activities...soccer, basketball, tae kwon do, biking around town. His wife has been a resident of Walnut for over 20 years. Dino moved to Walnut when they married around 15 years ago. Their young son already decided he’s going to live in Walnut forever (lol!). Cultivation of our future Walnut generation is definitely happening at the Pollalis household. That is Caring!
And as a loving son, Dino dotes on his elderly parents and waits on them hand and foot. That is Compassion!
Dino has what it takes! I held on to my absentee ballot and didn’t write in his name until late last night. I thought hard and carefully. DINO JIMMY POLLALIS has earned my vote!
Ken April 08, 2014 at 09:37 AM
I totally agree and thank you for the ballot picture on how to write-in a candidate!
Thank you. Will be keeping my fingers crossed and pray for the best!
shazaam April 08, 2014 at 01:03 PM
I hope that all residents who are writing him in has his name spelled correctly....I hope he gets a seat.
Vito Spago April 08, 2014 at 09:17 PM
I wrote in Dino. You know write-ins never win. Only the crooks win. Keep your eye on the winners. Pacheco, Su. When they screw up, send them to jail. Always keep your second ammendment rights. Grass roots wishes of the people are being infringed and are being stamped out. Just be aware that this is happening. King bailed. Smart man. Most of us should bail. Get out of Walnut. Nothing for us here unless it pleases the POWERS THAT BE. Rediflex. COI, Fines for stupidity (fines for not being PC). High School theft of property tax funds. Aquatic Center (Who the F needs an Aquatic center!). What is the point of the Chinese American Parent Association??? Do Chinese really need help? Aren't you really the American American Parent Association?? Gotta go. Gotta watch Obama ignore congress and rape the US Constitution again and again and again.


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