No Charges Against Man Accused of Making Threats Against Schools

Prosecutors have declined to file charges against a Pomona man arrested on suspicion of making "violent threats against local schools."

Prosecutors today declined to file charges against a Pomona man who arrested at his parents' residence on suspicion of making "violent threats against local schools."

Kyle Bangayan, 24, was arrested around 11:15 a.m. Sunday after Los Angeles police officers and FBI agents went to his parents' home in the 1200 block of North New Hampshire Avenue in East Hollywood, according to Richard French of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Bangayan was booked on suspicion of making criminal threats, French said.

"The threats, which did not target specific schools but did reference the Connecticut school shooting from last Friday, were posted on the social networking site Facebook," French said.

"Also found and seized at the residence where Bangayan was arrested were nine firearms, including rifles, a shotgun, handguns, and ammunition," he said. "A search of the suspect's Pomona residence didn't yield any weapons or related evidence."

The threats involved "multiple elementary schools," said LAPD Officer Venus Hall, a department spokeswoman.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, however, determined that Bangayan had not made any specific threats in his Facebook posting, which he apparently described as a joke.

"There is no reference to threatening actions toward any specific victim or school, which is required" to move ahead with a prosecution, according to a charge-evaluation worksheet.

On Facebook, Bangayan warned that if people didn't stop posting about the shootings in Connecticut, he would do the same thing, according to an internal report by Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney John Gilligan.

"He referenced that thousands of kids die in Third World countries every day" and said Americans need to get over the shootings, according to Gilligan.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck told reporters the department learned about Bangayan's Facebook posting from a caller to the department's tip line. He said he did not know if Bangayan had been investigated before or whether he has a criminal history.

Beck contended that the post included "very specific threats and clear and present ability to carry out those threats."

He declined to say whether the guns seized were legally owned.


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