Readers React to Ponzi Scheme Allegations

Readers near and far chipped in comments on the story of the arrest of two women suspected of masterminding a Ponzi scheme in Diamond Bar. Here are the comments from local readers.

Patch readers have given impassioned responses to filed against three Neil Armstrong Elementary PTA mothers.

PTA representatives, those approached by the alleged schemers, and community members reacted to varied aspects of three-year tale of deception.

Editor's Note: these comments were taken from a previous story on Diamond Bar Patch.

Commenter "" said that damage to the reputation of the school is an unfortunate side-effect of the accusations.

As we all should be....I'm just sorry that the students, parents, and administration at Neil Armstrong had their reputation pulled into this. We all need to be mindful of corruption finding its way through our schools, sports, and community under the guise of volunteerism...they are easy targets.

, who identified herself as a former PTA member at Neil Armstrong, said the allegations were a shock to her:

As a former Armstrong PTA mom, I'm thoroughly shocked and disgusted with these women's conduct.

, who wrote that she is a former PTA President at Diamond Point Elementary said the allegations would make an apparent violation of PTA rules:

They broke every rule as a PTA member or Board member… No THANKS for tarnishing the PTA.

While many commenters harangued investors in the alleged scheme for handing over money to the trio who investigators said touted an exclusive contract with Disneyland to distribute AltaDena Dairy products, commenter said the victims may deserve more sympathy:

Many of these posts claim that the investors must be greedy or just stupid. That is not always the case. People have become desparate in this time of econmic turmoil and are in need of hope. A few months ago, my mother (age 81), took out all her money from the bank and handed it over to two scam artists. I assure you that she was not greedy or stupid, just another victim to the expert scam artist that knows exactly what to say and do.

One commenter — — said that his wife was approached to invest by suspect Eva Perez, who is currently serving an 11-year sentence in a San Bernardino County jail for charges similar to those levied against her in these most recent allegations:

They tried to get my wife to invest in the beginning of this scam and I said no. I looked like a jerk to many of the people that knew and invested with Eva. I stood my ground and told my wife to have nothing to do with them and in time that they will be caught if they are doing wrong. It just didn't make sense that you can double your money in such a short time. These females used God and gifts to befriend you.


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