Tips on Annual Brush Clearance Season in Diamond Bar

Image Courtesy: County of Los Angeles Fire Department
Image Courtesy: County of Los Angeles Fire Department

Hillside property owners are reminded that the Los Angeles County Fire Department has begun conducting its annual brush clearance inspections.

The inspections are part of the Fire Department’s efforts to protect properties of the threat of wildfire, and include fire personnel canvassing the city and issuing 30-day correction notices to residents whose property does not comply with the County’s Brush Clearance requirements.

These requirements, aimed at creating defensible space in which firefighters can operate safely in order to help protect a home during a wildfire, are the legal responsibility of homeowners and include the following:

Removing all flammable vegetation or other combustible growth within 30 feet (50 feet in areas determined to be high fire hazard) of any structure; and thinning out or remove additional vegetation an additional 70 feet from the structure; an additional 100 feet of thinning or removal may be required in high fire hazard areas.

Additional measures to help safeguard homes from wildfires include:

Yard: Landscaping with fire-resistant, low-growing plants with high moisture content; and keeping woodpiles, propane tanks and combustible materials away from the house and other structures, such as garages and sheds.

Clearing pine needles, leaves, and other debris from the roof and gutters; screening or enclosing rain gutters to prevent accumulation of plant debris; and cutting any tree branches within 10 feet of the roof.

Vents: Covering all vent openings with 1/8 inch or smaller metal mesh; do not use fiberglass or plastic mesh because it can melt and burn.

Windows: Installing dual-paned with the exterior pane of tempered glass windows to reduce the chance of breakage in a fire.

Water Supplies: Having multiple garden hoses long enough to reach any area of the house and other structures on your property is strongly recommended; swimming pools or other bodies of water can also become a source of firefighting water when a portable pump is added.

For more information, call the Los Angeles County Fire Department at 323.881.2411 or visit its website.

—City of Diamond Bar


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