UPDATE: Media Reports Help Police Find Runaway Teen

A teen who had been missing for more than two and a half weeks was quickly located after police put out an advisory in search of the girl.

A teen who had run away and prompted alerts in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties was found hiding out at a Palm Springs motel, police said Wednesday.

17-year-old Indigo Betts was "located and recovered" at a Palm Springs motel at 10 a.m., PSPD Sergeant Mike Kovaleff said.

"A citizen who had seen the media reports recognized her and notified PSPD," he said.

Further details as to what the teen had been up to weren't available, as she is a minor, according to Kovaleff.

Kovaleff thanked the public for their help in finding the girl.

A special police request asking for assistance in finding Betts went out less than 24 hours before she was found safe.


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