Construction of DB Dog Park Delayed by Four Months

The city has gone back out to bid for contractors who can build an ADA compliant sidewalk because the company chosen last month was unable to acquire bonds before the deadline.

Problems with the contractor chosen to build an American with Disabilities Act compliant sidewalk at Diamond Bar’s much anticipated dog park will delay the completion of the project, city officials said Monday.

Kormx, Inc. was awarded the contract at the June 5 City Council meeting. But on Monday the contract to build the sidewalk, that will lead from Pantera Park to the Dog Park area, went back out to bid.

This means the park may not open until mid-December. City officials had originally wanted to park to open before the end of August.

The contractor, based in Walnut, failed to provide bonds they needed to begin the project, said Cecilia Arrellano, public information coordinator for Diamond Bar. The bonds serve as a sort of insurance for the city. Kormx, Inc. had 10 days after the awarding of the contract to secure the bonds, city officials said.

Failure to do so meant the city could annul the contract and go back out to bid. While the city could have started the bidding process last week, council members voted on July 17 to extend the deadline to July 19 at the contractor’s request.

“We are an SBA-bonded company,” Joseph Cardenas Jr., a Kormx, Inc. representative told the council. “We have provided everything else aside from the final bonds which were not attainable due to SBA requirements.”

He appealed to the council to keep them on so that the project would not be delayed.

“We take great pride in being able to obtain the job in Diamond Bar,” Cardenas told the council. “Our schedule has not been affected as of this week.”

The extension was granted on the condition that if the bonds were not secured by end of day Thursday, the contract would go back out to bid. Cardenas had anticipated the bonds would be ready no later than that Thursday. But they were not, Arrellano said.

The park is to be built in the southeast area of Pantera Park, officials said. Plans include two enclosures, a 19,400-square-foot area for small dogs less than 25 pounds, the other a 39,400-square-foot area for large dogs 25 pounds or larger.

A 6-foot-high chain link fence will surround the enclosures. Users will enter and exit through self-closing double gates.

The park will also have American with Disabilities Act accessible drinking fountain with pet bowl, hose bibs for additional water access, trash receptacles, park benches, ADA accessible walkway leading to trail and doggie walk waste bags.


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