Update: Is the FEC Investigating Jay Chen and America Shining PAC?

The political action committee, which reportedly has spent more than $1 million in the 39th Congressional District Race, is funded by Chen's brother Shaw Chen.

Did the Federal Elections Commission Monday open an official investigation involving Jay Chen, a congressional candidate in the 39th District, and a Super PAC called America Shining operated by Chen's brother?

Officials from U.S. Rep. Ed Royce's campaign announced in a news release Monday night that the FEC had was investigating political rival Chen and America Shining. The case, assigned the number MUR 6668, was in response to a complaint from Fullerton resident Bruce Buettell, officials said.  Also reported Monday was that America Shining has spent more than $1 million in the 39th Congressional District, according to Royce campaign officials. 

Sam Liu, a spokesman for Chen's campaign, said there is no evidence that the FED has filed or plans to open a investigation against the Jay Chen for Congress campaign.

Chen, a Democrat, is running against Royce, R-Fullerton, for a seat in the newly formed district.

"Pursuant to our own search today, the FEC enforcement query
system shows no matters opened under the MUR number referenced in
Royce's press release ((http://eqs.nictusa.com/eqs/searcheqs)," Liu said by email. "This is a politically motivated stunt by the desperate Ed Royce
campaign.  We have not been contacted by the FEC and there has been no
coordination between our campaign and America Shining."

America Shining is funded by Shaw Chen, Jay Chen's brother, according to opensecrets.org. Shaw Chen’s place of residence is listed as Hacienda Heights on the website.  

The Daily Bulletin recently reported that Shaw Chen lives in Hong Kong. Jay Chen told the newspaper when a movie trailer-like ad depicting Royce as a monster first came out that he did not know about America Shining, which funded the ad, and had no coordination with the group.

Dave Gilliard, Royce's campaign consultant, has said that it is inconceivable that Jay Chen did not know about his brother's Super PAC.

"We believe that Jay Chen, his brother and America Shining are in direct violation of U.S. election laws regarding coordination of expenditures and are gratified that the Federal Elections Commission has opened an official investigation," Gilliard said.


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