Royce Officials Say Candidate Never Filed in Wrong District

The Sacramento Bee cited a statement of candidacy form that was reportedly filed for Royce for the 40th District, but the Congressman said the error was not on financial form.

U.S. Rep. Ed Royce is responding to a story that recently ran in the Sacramento Bee regarding his filing for re-election in the wrong district, calling the report "erroneous."

Royce, R-Fullerton, last week filed a "statement of candidacy" for the seat in the 40th Congressional District of California, which is mostly in Orange County, according to the Sacramento Bee newspaper. Royce's district includes Diamond Bar and Walnut. A spokesman for Royce originally attributed the error to a typo.

The 40th was redrawn in 2010 into Los Angeles County, is held by incumbent Democrat Lucille Roybal-Allard, and has a 47 percent Democratic registration advantage.

Royce has represented the 39th District since winning that seat in 2012, after the district lines were redrawn in California. Before that, Royce was the Congressman from the 40th, but before the latest reapportionment, he was elected from the 39th, The Bee reported.

In a statement released today, Royce campaign officials said that the paperwork the newspaper cited was not related to a candidate's filing for office. A screenshot of the document the newspaper cited is attached to this story.
“It is impossible for a federal candidate to file for reelection in any California district until February 10 when the Secretary of State opens the period for declarations of candidacy. The document mentioned was not, and could not be, an official declaration of candidacy but was instead a routine, financial disclosure statement for a fundraising committee based in Virginia in which a staff member made a typographical error. Representative Royce looks forward to filing his official declaration of candidacy in the 39th district.”

---City News Service contributed to this report.


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