Senator Bob Huff Offers Condolences to Ct. Shooting Victims

"...for now, let us all simply offer up our prayers and comfort as we mourn with the people of Connecticut during this difficult time," Huff stated.

Since last week's deadly shooting in Connecticut happened, community members and leaders from across the nation are weighing in and offering their condolences.

Monday, Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) issued the following statement in response to the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut: 

Last week’s tragedy in Connecticut was one of unspeakable heartbreak.  An entire community has been shattered by the violent actions of one mentally ill individual.  It is at times like these when we must come together to form a common bond of compassion and grief. 

I can only express my deepest condolences to the friends and families of the victims of the Newtown shooting and all the people of Connecticut who are struggling to deal with the magnitude of this trauma, knowing that there will always be a dark cloud over their lives that goes back to that terrible December day; to the school teachers and administrators who never imagined such a tragedy occurring in their close-knit community, and to the first responders - the police officers, firefighters, paramedics, hospital personnel, counselors and others throughout the community who accepted the call and stepped in to help, serve and minister.  I pray that they find comfort in their faith and are bolstered by the strength and love of neighbors and friends and a nation that shares their grief.

As we search for answers there will be talk of how we can better identify mental illness, implement better security measures on school campuses or promote increased parental involvement.  Such discussions certainly have a place; but for now, let us all simply offer up our prayers and comfort as we mourn with the people of Connecticut during this difficult time.

Senator Huff serves as the Senate Republican Leader and represents the 29thSenate District covering portions of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties. Follow Senator Huff on Twitter at @bobhuff99.

John Zoeckler December 18, 2012 at 06:49 PM
I want to thank Senator Huff for his sentiments regarding the Newtown, CT massacre. I hope he will soon introduce legislation which addresses sensible gun safety in California. There is no legitimate need for assult rifles in our state. Their only function is to allow a soldier the option of a semiautomatic or full automatic rate of fire in combat circumstances. Law enforcement officers may need them but the general population does not. Perhaps a conversion to limit the size of magazine which these popular rifles can be fitted with would be in order. Just a suggestion. Make them just like shotguns with a 3-round limit. No humter needs more than that, and it has not limited the hunting abilities for fowl as far as I can see. I'm a gun owner and a believer in the second amendment, but the time has come to put safety first for everyone.
W Guthrie December 18, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Good luck with that. "Senate Republican Leader" and "gun safety" is an oxymoron of the first magnitude. Just look carefully at his statement.
Lydia Plunk December 19, 2012 at 06:45 PM
Thank you Mr Zoeckler for posting words which prove those who find worth in the 2nd amendment have both hearts and brains.
Vito Spago December 19, 2012 at 07:23 PM
You start to take away peoples rights and it continues. I could deal with a 10 round magazine limit like we have here in Calif. But ID to buy ammo? How does that help a shooter that intends to commit suicide after the fact? He does not care that the authorities have his address. This knee jerk reaction to the massacre has to stop. Anti gunners are exploiting this tragedy for their own gain. You will NEVER get rid of semi auto guns. Way too ingrained.
alan haskvitz December 20, 2012 at 02:51 AM
Senator Huff is an active supporter of the NRA and they support him. He has refused to stay how he feels about issues to VoteSmart, which helps students understand issues better. He has ignored my students' call for legislation to increase punishments for those responsible for animal abuse even when this crime is a stepping-stone to mass killings. http://votesmart.org/candidate/16575/robert-huff#.UNJ7-azleSo


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