Emergency Responders to Descend on Scripps College

The college will play host to an active shooter training exercise. The event was scheduled in light of the recent school shootings.

There will be some intense law-enforcement activity at Scripps College on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but campus officials say it is all planned.

In the wake of the Newton Town elementary school tragedy and several other shooting incidents at campuses across the country, Los Angeles area first responders have scheduled an active shooter training exercise to at Scripps.

“This realistic, dramatic drill will engage helicopters from the Los Angeles County Fire and Sheriff’s departments, and will take place in several areas on the Scripps College campus,” officials wrote in a news release.

The drill is scheduled from 7-11 a.m. each day. Los Angeles Sheriff’s and Claremont Police personnel will sharpen tactics that protects students from a simulated active shooter on campus.  Emergency responders will also practice their skills in the areas of victim removal, treatment and transport, according to the news release.

Members of several other local area fire departments, as well as role-players and local ambulance service providers will take part in the drill, officials said.

Jeffrey Sabatini January 14, 2013 at 10:35 PM
I've been involved in just such drills and they are not cheap to put on. So here's an idea; How about a 3% tax on the sale of every violent video game and a 5% tax on every million earned by violent movies. That way Hollywood and the 1%r movie stars anti-firearm hypocrisy would at the least be financing such drills and the assigning of School Police Officers. The CT, AZ & CO shooters all had one thing in common. They all played violent video games for hours on end. So how about a mandatory internal cut off within such games to limit a max of 2-3 hours of play within any 24 hour period? The most recent school shooting here in CA ended up quite different than the others. In this case the shooter had been repeatedly humiliated by bullies and the school did little to nothing to protect him. So he stole a shotgun, went to the school and killed the biggest bully. After killing his nemesis he was able to be talked down by and surrendered to a teacher. I haven't seen any reports on this kid's video game habits, but I'd be willing to bet it was fairly limited. And hey, was not getting even with the "bullies" part of why Columbine took place? So perhaps along with active shooter drills to better react after the shooting starts... How about allowing teachers, schools and Police to directly address the bully's crimes and provide counseling for the far to often disregarded humiliation that historical data shows to be the #1 root cause of some poor kid believing he has no other recourse.


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