Evergreen Building New Robotic Program

For the past few months, the Diamond Bar school has been working hard raising funds for the Lego Mindstorm NTX program.

Evergreen Elementary School is launching a new robotics program for fifth grade students.

For the past few months, the Diamond Bar school has been working hard raising funds for the Lego Mindstorm NTX program. 

In January, students began building their robotic cars that will eventually be programmed to vie in sumo-style competitions.

The STEM (science, math, and engineering/technology) education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators.

“With our fabulous Community Club’s support, we were able to start with our fifth graders, but still need donations to fully implement the program.   We’re getting closer to our goal every day!” said Principal Carolyn Wills.

On February 7, the school accepted a $2,000 check from UTC Aerospace Systems during a 5th grade awards assembly.

About 100 fifth grade students cheered when they learned the school was receiving the generous donation from company.

“You are our engineers and scientists of the future.  You will be the creative problem solvers and creative thinkers that will solve the world’s problems,” said Principal Wills.

“Today we have some of our biggest supporters of our robotics program and they are real life engineers,” Wills said.

Engineers Johnny Wright and Emile Yakoub, and Human Resources Manager Lisa Buckland were on hand for the ceremony.

Brea General Manager Johnny Wright told students he is an aerospace engineer that specializes in helicopter design.

“The neat thing is that our aerospace company has 225,000 employees worldwide there are so many kind of jobs that you can do in our business,” he said.

Wright stressed the importance of being involved in science and math as early as possible.

“I recommend that you take all the higher science, engineering, and math classes offered and get a head start now. And you’ll need a science degree in order to get a job in our company,” he said.

Some of the equipment manufacturing in the plant includes mission data recorders on gun cameras in fighter helicopters, life-saving rescue voice for helicopters, video systems, wheels, and landing gear for aircraft.  And for the Space Station - the outdoor space suits and several specialized sensors for the Space Shuttle.

“You'll all have different interests and whatever you like to do, you’ll be best at,” he said.

“Think about it as you’re doing these projects and keep that in mind as you go through your classes. There are all kinds of different jobs in aerospace and they all need a science degree,” he added.

Evergreen Elementary has also received a $500 donation from the City of Diamond Bar and East 180 Restaurant (in Diamond Bar) is donating 10 percent of your bill through the end ofFebruary. Just turn in the receipt to the school office.   

To date the school has raised about $10,000 of the needed $24,000 for the innovative program that will benefit all students when they reach fifth grade. 

If you would like to support the Robotics Program, please send donation to Evergreen Elementary at 2450 Evergreen Springs Road, Diamond Bar, CA 91765.

--Walnut Valley Unified School District


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